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  • The people who make up this organization are the Most Valuable Assets
  • Care for our people, be polite and friendly, have an 'open door' approach
  • Have great respect for each other and value diversity as a strength
  • Give encouragement, be supportive and develop our people. Put our core values into practice


  • Trust and support each other, building good relationships and good team spirit
  • Give constructive feedback to each other, committed to everyone's development
  • Involve each other, working together across boundaries, seeking ideas and sharing solutions
  • Together Everyone Achieve More


  • Customer is every thing for our Company, rest of all is over head
  • Be recognized by all our customers as providing a personalized level of service and attention
  • Listen to, understand and anticipate our customer needs - and respond efficiently
  • Build deep and long lasting relationships with key partners
  • All of our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal.


  • Be determined to achieve results and give our best without compromise to high ethical standards
  • Take ownership for the whole task and be committed to playing our individual part.
  • Have a sense of urgency and accountability, take the initiative to make a difference


  • Be entrepreneurial: "Only Otsuka can do it"
  • User new and innovative thinking to find solutions better and faster
  • Take on a challenge, be open minded and open to being different
  • We create an environment of continuous learning that fosters, in each one of us a desire to excel


  • Act with integrity and honesty, adhering to the highest ethical standards without exception
  • Ensure that quality and safety are paramount
  • Have concern for environmental resources and the community around us
  • Choose the rightness over ease and convenience.
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  • Altocare Life sciences Pvt. Ltd committed for healthier life...Globally