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Altocare has established wide marketing network supported by a committed marketing and sales team.

Altocare has Two marketing divisions focusing the therapy segments of Acute and Chronic ailments.


An SBU of the company endeavours to consolidate and strengthen its image in the field of chronic health care management with specific focus on pain and arthritis management, osteoporosis and gastrointestinal disorders. It promotes a portfolio of brands with special focus on Orthopaedics, Surgery, Dental, ENT & Gastro and apart from Gynaecology, Consulting Physician and General Physician.

A chronic Super Speciality SBU of the company, is focused on Cardiology, Diabetology and Neurology therapy segments. It offers a complete range of products of primary and secondary prescription needs. The SBU aimed at carving a niche in super-specialty segment and create a scientific image. The SBU is rightly poised for achieving clear leadership in the Cardiology, Diabetology and Neurology segment.

Our new SBU "Surgon" to be launched soon is exclusively dedicated for Orthopaedic rehabilitation products.
Altocare has well organized distribution system operated through C&F agents located in major cities of India.
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